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101 Alias: Minnie /Goddard/
Willimina was known as Minnie S. Her father, Mr. Curtis Goddard was an
inventor and patented the "Right Speedy" corn sheller which he
manufactured and sold all over the United States and Europe. In 1878, the
Italian Government granted him a silver medal, demonstrating the favor in
which the sheller was held. 
GODDARD, Willimina S. (I547269829)
102 Alias: Molly /Newbold/ NEWBOLD, Mary (I547269393)
103 Alias: Nancy /Moore/ MOORE, Ann (I547259100)
104 Alias: Paris /Carroll/ CARROLL, Paris (I547279832)
105 Alias: Polly /Haines/ HAINES, Mary (I547266032)
106 Alias: Polly /Reynolds/ REYNOLDS, Mary (I547250732)
107 Alias: Polly /Somers/ SOMERS, Mary (I547282569)
108 Alias: Pudge /Haines/
Unmarried. He was a mute. 
HAINES, George (I547259227)
109 Alias: Revolutionary /Collett/
He served, 1778, in Capt. Charles Porterfield's company, Col. Daniel
Morgan's 7th and 11th Virginia regiments.
Daniel was a Private in the Revolutionary War and entered it as a
volunteer. He served at Valley Forge and Plains, and at the defeat of
General Gates. General's Keith and Muhelsnburg were the commanders. He
served in the battle of Monmouth Court House. He served in Captain
Porterfield's company.
Source: e-mail from family member.
Daniel Collett, Sr., the youngest son of Moses Collett, was born February
10, 1752 in Maryland, twenty miles west of Baltimore. He remained at home
until 1772, when, at the age of twenty years he left Maryland and settled
in Jefferson Co. VA on the road leading from Charleston to Harpers Ferry.
He married about the year 1780 to Mary, a daughter of Joshua Haines,( who
died December 11, 1754) and by her had eight sons and a daughter, born as
follows: Joshua, November 20, 1781, Moses, March 28, 1783, Moses, March
6, 1784, Isaac, August 28, 1785, Jonathan, April 25, 1787, Aaron, January
21, 1789, Mercy, September 19, 1790, Benjamin, June 11, 1793 and Daniel,
October 1, 1795. Daniel Collett resided there forty years, and was for
many years a Justice of the Peace in that state, appointed, as they were
in those days in Virginia, for life or during good behavior.It was not
until after he was appointed that he learned to write, his instructor
being a Mr. Hibben. He held his courts monthly, and it is said that more
dignity and decorum attended a Justice's court in Virginia in those days
than are to be seen in the higher courts of Ohio at this day. On one
occasion, the Judge of the courts of Jefferson assessed a fine on each of
the Justices of that county for the neglect to provide and erect sutiable
steps to the jail at Charlestown. Justice Collett paid his fine, and then
took the contract for the erection of the stone steps that now grace the
front of that historic edifice. His son, Jonathan Collett, hauled the
stone and also part of the lumber and timber used in the construction of
the United States arsenal at Harpers Ferry.
Daniel remained in Jefferson County until 1812, or until sixty years of
age, when he sold out his lands and came to Ohio, and settled temporarily
in Warren County. In the early part of 1814, he returned to Virginia and
purchased of James Smith, Sr., the undivided one-half of Survey 1994, the
consideration being $5,895 currant funds of the United States, the actual
number of acres being 2, 358. Mr. Collett returned to Clinton County Ohio
the same year and settled on his purchase.
Source: County and Family History, Clinton Co. OH 
COLLETT, Daniel (I547258734)
110 Alias: Rich /Bobby/ HAINES, Robert (I547259131)
111 Alias: Sallie /Haines/ HAINES, Sarah Brown (I547269981)
112 Alias: Sally /Barr/ BARR, Sarah (I547262260)
113 Alias: the /Weaver/ WHITE, Thomas (I547281936)
114 Alias: Trudy /Martin/ MARTIN, Edeltraud (I547257005)
115 Alias: Vesti /Austin/
!MARRIAGE: NJ Marriage Records - Archives, p 326.
!MARRIAGE: Evesham Monthly Meeting, NJ Minutes, Bk 1, pp 57, 60. She was
disowned Evesham MM, NJ, Feb. 10, 1763, for going out in marriage and for
other reasons. 
AUSTIN, Vashti (I547257998)
116 Alias: Walter /Coon/ COON, Harry (I547263916)
117 Alice was a carrier for hemophilia, as were both of her daughter. WETTIN, Princess Alice Maud Mary (I547336717)
118 All eleven of Benjamin's children were born in Evesham, Burlington Co. NJ. HAINES, Benjamin (I547266904)
119 All three marriage dates comes from Earle Green`s notes.
!CENSUS: 1850 U.S. Federal Census for Perry Twp., Logan Co., OH.
!NOTE: Jane is probably the child of Sarah S. and Albert Edward, however
this lacks proof as yet.
!NOTE: James Garwood was probably Sarah's third husband. 
AUSTIN, Sarah Sidney (I547261347)
120 alt date: abt 1863 MARGERUM, Lydia (I547269243)
121 Alumni Record Dickinson College 1892

Greer, Charles Cover - Born March 30, 1868, Taylor Township, Cambria Co., PA; p., D.F.A and Mary J. (Coover) Greer; prep., Johnstown, Pa.; high school; entered 1888; A.B. 1892; A. M. , 1895; LL. B., 1893 Dickson school of law; lawyer; city solicitor of Johnstown, 1899-; Phi Kappa Psi; B.L. Society,; married, October 8, 1895, Georgia Boyd Bratton of Carlisle, Pa.; children, Robert Bratton, Mary Boyd, Georgia Curran. Address: 421 Park Avenue, Johnstown, Pa. 
GREER, Charles Coover (I547341577)
122 Amanda left a will, number 21457. Listed in Kennett Square. GREGG, Amanda (I8901)
123 An interesting article appeared in 1914:

Pittsburger, Missing for 21 Years, Found

Pasadena, Cal., Oct. 8 - Missing for 21 years, Alexander B. Nevin, first husband of Mrs. W. A. Stanton, wife of a prominent southern California capitalist, and mistress of the imposing Grace Hill estate opposite of the Hotel Raymond, has been discovered through his handwriting.

According to his son, Nevin, who formerly was a wealthy banker of Sewickley, Pa., is acting under an assumed name, as agent for a large estate in Florida. Nevin's whereabouts was learned through the recognition of his handwriting by the postmaster at Sewickley. The postmaster informed Franklin L. Nevin, brother of the missing banker, whose search led him to Florida and discovery of his missing brother. No complications will attend the finding of Nevin, as his wife obtained a divorce before marrying Stanton. 
NEVIN, Alexander Brown (I547346273)
124 An odd site note to Sarah's passing:

He Wants The Widow's Estate

[by telegraph to the Herald]

West Chester, Pa, July 13, 1888 . Some time ago, Mrs. Sarah Brinley McConkey, an aged lady, died here, leaving a fortune estimated at $900,000. which she willed to her nephews. Now Emmanuel Johnson, of Meyersdale, Somerset county, Pa., lays claim to the estate, asserting that he is Mrs. McConkey's adopted son. Today Johnson came here and was shown the will in the Register's office. He looked it over carefully and then said:

"She left me everything. I will investigate this thing. They are trying to keep this away from me, but I'll show them. I have served on the farm she left me in Somerset."

"When did she leave it to you?" asked the Deputy Register.

"The very night she died. It was by secret communication."

"Then you are a Spiritualist, are you?" asked the Deputy Register. Johnson left the office without making answer and has not been seen since.

Source: New York Herald, 7/14/1888
BRINTON, Sarah (I10583)
125 Andrew had been a schoolteacher in the Shippensburg area. THOMPSON, Andrew Purdy (I547349040)
126 Andrew was a blacksmith by trade and worked in the rolling mills. WEIHRER, Andrew B. (I10078)
127 Andrews was a foreman in the maintenance department of Ludens, Inc., the well-known candy maker in reading. WEIHRER, Andrew S. (I547341637)
128 Ann fatally shot her brother-in-law, Samuel Kennedy, husband of her sister Thomazine. It was, apparently, an accident. DOWNING, Ann (I15002)
129 Ann Reynolds
b 29- 3-1784 d 31-12-1850 , bur Eastland Grvyd dt Henry & Elizabeth (Sidwell) Reynolds , of same place m 2- 5-1804 at Eastland MH, PA Ch: Lydia b 16- 2-1805 Josiah b 9- 1-1807 rptd mou 19-3-1831 Ira b 6- 8-1808 Ahia b 13-12-1810 rptd mou 18-11-1837 ; ack acc 17-2-1838 Isabel b 3-10-1812 Leona b 19-11-1815 Hyndford b 12-10-1817 Henraetta b 3-12-1820 Otha b 12-12-1822 Rebecca Jane b 19- 2-1825

Source: Ancestry: Pa Quakers 
REYNOLDS, Ann (I11939)
130 Ann spent last 15 years of her life in an asylum in Williamsburg, VA. BARRY, Ann (I547345632)
131 Ann was the second wife of John Sharp HAINES, Ann (I547285868)
132 Ann's birth is recorded at Burlington, reading as follows:

Ann Wills, daughter of Daniel Wills and Mary Wills his wife was born the first day of 10th month 1677 in Burlington. 
WILLS, Ann (I6247)
133 Annie had been a patient at the Philadelphia Home for Incurables when she died. LODGE, Annie R. (I6186)
134 Article from the Emporia Gazette in Kansas, 2/10/1958:

Direct Descendant

Miss Vera Whistler, a direct descendant of the noted American artist, James McNeill Whistler, is in Emporia and will be the guest of Newman's Tuesday, for the showing of her millinery designs. Miss Whistler, daughter of a pioneer Methodist minister, grew up in Texas. She sold hats in local retail stores, became department manager, designer and supervisor, and now is vice president f Associated Retail Millinery, Inc., of Dallas. 
WHISTLER, Vera (I18373)
135 At the time of this marriage, Edward was known as 'Edward Lane of Dublin MM, Phila Co.' Family F518394772
136 B-12 SHANNON, Jesse Lane (I16267)
137 B-13 HOMSER, Elizabeth (I16266)
138 B-14 SHANNON, William L. (I10352)
139 B-15 BEAN, James (I547341212)
140 B-15 WENTZ, Elizabeth (I547341217)
141 B-9 NEILLY, Martha (I16269)
142 BB-3 CASSELBERRY, Barbara Ann (I16507)
143 BB-4 EVANS, William Lane (I547341117)
144 BB-5 WETHERILL, James (I547341267)
145 BB-6 VANDERSLICE, Mary Lane (I547341266)
146 Beatrice was a carrier for hemophilia, as was her daughter Eugenie SAXE-COBURG-GOTHA, Beatrice (I8099)
147 became a Presbyterian BROOKS, Edward J. (I547348099)
148 Betty Mann appears to have transpsed the date 1798 to 1789 in her book.
1798 fits in with birth order and other sources. 
BORTON, Mary (I547258532)
149 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. BICKELL, John G. (I547276966)
150 Betty Mann gives here mother's name as Elizabeth Rogers. I think this as
a mistake, as Elizabeth Stokes, daughter of Elizabeth Rogers married Able
Haines, according to John Wesley Haines. 
STOKES, Elizabeth R. (I547261183)

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