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301 E-14 SHANNON, John (I10625)
302 E-14 LANE, Mary (I10610)
303 E-17 VANDERSLICE, Thomas (I547341263)
304 E-18 SHANNON, Jane (I10648)
305 E-18 HOOPER, Jane (I10624)
306 E-20 SHANNON, Robert (I9503)
307 E-21 Annas (I9515)
308 E-24 SHANNON, Elizabeth (I547341250)
309 E-7 SHANNON, William (I10622)
310 Early LDS ( http://earlylds.com ) database lists Sarah as one of Brigham Young's wives with a marriage date of 4/28/1848 in Nauvoo. MCGUCKEN, Sarah (I547348503)
311 Edward's death record shows a birth date of 1836, but his gravestone at Red Clay Creek shows 1835. CRANSTON, Edward (I547343108)
312 Edward, Sr. was a justice of the peace and as murdered in 1817 by a disgruntled citizen, angered by his court testimony. HUNTER, Edward (I547348614)
313 EE-2 RUSH, Margaret M. (I547341045)
314 EE-3 CASSELBERRY, Isaac (I547341044)
315 EE-4 CASSELBERRY, Boanna Kate (I547341049)
316 EE-5 EVANS, William Casselberry (I547341112)
317 Elizabeth and her children are named in the will of Thomas Fox, of Darby, as follows: Estate to nephew William Cooke, and to nieces Grace hollingsworth, Elizabeth Gregg and Hanna Holborn all being the children of his sister Elizabeth Parke, and all of whom with their mothers are executors. The will was proved on September 8, 1699 FOX, Elizabeth (I8939)
318 Elizabeth made a classic sampler in 1827 showing her family's genealogy. The names were shown as follows:

Grandparents: Robert and Hannah Yearsley; Jacob and Rachel Yearsley

Parents: Robert and Hannah Yearsley

Brothers and Sisters: Hannah, Mary Ann, Jesse, Lydia, Thomas, Sarah and William 
YEARSLEY, Elizabeth (I1331)
319 Elizabeth was probably christened at Second Presbyterian Church in Carlisle, Cumberland County, as the article describing her wedding mentions that the service was performed by "Dr. Glenn M. Shafer, pastor of Second Presbyterian Church of Carlisle, the former church of the bride." An obituary for her father also mentions that he was a member of Second Presbyterian. BRATTON, Elizabeth Boyd (I11811)
320 Ella (Linton) Siner speaks about Uncle Rennels Fowler (who d. 16 Aug 1877
in Berlin, NJ) 
FOWLER, Rennels (I547261276)
321 Entry from findagrave.com

Birth: Aug. 25, 1817
Death: Feb. 20, 1886

Husband of Mary Lovina (nee Livengood/Lebengut) Eck/Egg.

Aged 68 Years 5 Months 26 Days

Buried S.E. F-2-grave-#5; East Ave B-#10

Ref: s-16-20-3  
ECK, James (I10082)
322 Entry from findagrave.com

Mary Lovina (Livengood/Lebengut/Lebenguth) Eck/Egg
Wife of James Eck
Aged 54 Years 7 Months 29 Days
Buried S.E. F-2-grave-#6; East Ave B-#10
Ref: s-16-6-18 
LIVENGOOD, Mary Lovina (I10084)
323 Extreme cruelty was the ground in the suit of Myrtle V. Collins vs. Sherman B. Collins. The husband is alleged to have threatened to kill his wife and cut her face with a razor. He is charged with having threatened to kill his wife several times. This evidence was corroborated by several witnesses. A decree nisi was granted. Horace G. Eastburn resented the plaintiff. Family F8312
324 F-10 PAWLING, William (I547341139)
325 F-11 LANE, Ann (I10674)
326 F-12 LANE, Martha (I10604)
327 F-13 CHURCH, Thomas (I10666)
328 F-17 LANE, Samuel (I9368)
329 F-17 HOOPER, Rebecca (I9380)
330 F-18 RICHARDSON?, Elizabeth (I10621)
331 F-21 LANE, James (I10659)
332 F-22 Abigail (I10660)
333 F-23 LANE, Rebecca (I10609)
334 F-24 LANE, William (I10654)
335 F-25 LANE, Edward (I10667)
336 F-25 EVANS, Ann (I10668)
337 F-26 PAWLING, Elizabeth (I547341021)
338 F-27 VANDERSLICE, Rebecca A. (I547341282)
339 F-28 WAITE, Isa Olivia (I547341295)
340 F-29 VANDERSLICE, Thaddeus Lawrence (I547341288)
341 F-30 VANDERSLICE, John Mitchell (I547341289)
342 F-4 PAWLING, Nathan (I547341146)
343 F-5 PAWLING, John (I547341144)
344 F-7 PAWLING, Eleanor (I547341143)
345 F-8 PAWLING, Henry (I547341153)
346 F-9 PAWLING, Henry (I547341137)
347 F-9 BULL, Rebecca (I547341138)
348 Family of Job Wickersham x Ann Eliza Ballinger is available from Mary
Alice Reynolds Thomas
18 Oct 1999 
WICKERSHAM, Job (I547279217)
349 Find-A-Grave incorrectly identifies Joseph as the son of Truman and Juliann Cooper, but this disagrees with the Brinton Genealogy. additionally, Truman and Juliann were not married until 1829, two years before Joseph's birth. COOPER, Joseph Brinton (I547348255)
350 First wife of William Lippincott. Lydia's 2 children were John
Lippincott and Harriet Daniels. 
WATERS, Lydia (I547281287)

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