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51 A-12 TYSON, Anna (I16525)
52 A-13 CASSELBERRY, John (I16510)
53 A-13 MORGAN, Rebecca (I547341051)
54 A-16 CASSELBERRY, William (I16505)
55 A-17 WENTZ, Catherine (I16506)
56 A.S. Adams book [p.23] has her surname as Jacquith and also suggests that
1st wife's name might have been Sabillah with a marriage date of Nov. 1,
JACQUATT, Elizabeth (I547261990)
57 AA-1 EVANS, Maria (I547341129)
58 AA-2 CLAY, Mary Evans (I547341136)
59 AA-3 CLAY, Ellen Lane (I547341133)
60 AA-4 CLAY, Hannah Maria (I547341134)
61 ABBR Genealogies of New Jersey Families vol I & II Source (S523889485)
62 ABBR Haines and his Descendants, Richard Source (S523889712)
63 ABBR Haines, Rogers, Austin, Taylor, Garwood, Reich... Source (S523889529)
64 ABBR Haines, Sharp, Collins ..., Ancestry of the Source (S523889817)
65 ABBR Published Marriage Records Source (S523889408)
66 ABBR Quaker Records of the Miami Valley of Ohio Source (S523889410)
67 Abel and Elizabeth eloped, as Elizabeth's father did not look favorably upon the match. Elizabeth was disowned by Concord meeting as a result. Family F518394155
68 Abigail Lippincott died in Aug 20, 1697, leaving a considerable estate,
having given freedom to all her slaves before her death.
There are some that disagree with Abigail's last name of Goody. No where
can it be found?? One said that the men during that time called their
wives "Goody".
Buried FBG, shrewsbury, NJ 
GOODY, Abigail (I547280065)
69 Abigail was complained against by Centre Preparative meeting for marrying by a priest a man not a Friend. Family F8593
70 According to "Memorials of The Descendants of William Shattuck, The
Progenitor of the Families In America That Have Borne That Name" by
Lemuel Shattuck written in 1855; pages 366-367 states that Hannah b. Jul
8, 1654 and Exercise b. Nov 12, 1656 were both born in Boston. They were
the daughters of William Shattuck, a shoemaker, who was an inhabitant of
Boston, from 1650-1658. Like his namesake of Salem he suffered
persecution for his Quakerism. It also states that Restore Lippencott was
the son of Richard and Abigail Lippincott. 
SHATTUCK, William (I547265643)
71 According to David, the Prince of Wales (the former Edward VIII), Elizabeth was the daughter of Marguerite Rodiere, not Cecilia, though her father was the Earl of Strathmore.Her birthdate was said to be August 3rd. BOWES-LYON, Elizabeth Angela Marguerite (I547336699)
72 According to the notes left by David M. McFarland, James McFarland, with his wife Margaret McCrae, and their six children, left Ireland and settled in Bucks County near Norristown about 1733. MCFARLAND, James (I647)
73 Address: 228 Willowwood Dr.

FIELD, William Knott, Jr. (I547250401)
74 Address: 57 Freeport, P.O. Box 34

Point Lookout, Long Island
DAVIS, Ernest Goffe (I547250376)
75 After the birth of her son Gerald, Anna began to suffer from a severe depression and was ultimately hospitalized in an asylum. She eventually hanged herself. JACKSON, Anna M (I547342266)
76 AGE: At death: 79 MOORE, John (I547258577)
77 Alias: /Bud/ RAMSEY, Granville (I547281371)
78 Alias: /Emma/ ?, Emaline (I547253674)
79 Alias: /Issac/ KEMBLE, Thomas S. (I547282126)
80 Alias: /John/ WILLIAMS, Jonathan (I547280063)
81 Alias: /Nanny/ HAINES, Nancy (I547282971)
82 Alias: /Peggy/ SHEETS, Margaret (I547281393)
83 Alias: /Peggy/ PETTIT, Rebecca (I547282660)
84 Alias: /Reverend/ HAINES, Joseph Jacob (I547258657)
85 Alias: /Sally/ KEMBLE, Sarah (I547282124)
86 Alias: /Sally/ KELLY, Sarah B. (I547282912)
87 Alias: Amyra /Haines/
or Warren Co, OH 
HAINES, Mary W. (I547267551)
88 Alias: Bess /Williams/ WILLIAMS, Elizabeth (I547259722)
89 Alias: Bessie /Willshire/ WILLSHIRE, Rebecca Henderson (I547259999)
90 Alias: Bud /Engard/ ENGARD, Howard, Jr. (I547263083)
91 Alias: Carrie /Ferguson/ FERGUSON, Jennie Clarice Caroline (I547263002)
92 Alias: Della /Ferguson/ FERGUSON, Adella Florence (I547263001)
93 Alias: Dosha /Moorman/ MOORMAN, Theodocia (I547262438)
94 Alias: Ellen /Haines/ HAINES, Eleanor (I547258977)
95 Alias: George /Nicol/ NICOL, George (I547267435)
96 Alias: Hisey /Wilson/ WILSON, Keziah (I547258539)
97 Alias: Irtie /irtie/ VON NATA, Elsie (I547282067)
98 Alias: Johannes /Goldberg/ GOLDENBURROUGH, Johannes Carlos (I547277969)
99 Alias: Libby Ann /Holloway/ HOLLOWAY, Lydia Ann (I547269361)
100 Alias: Maggie /Ford/ FORD, Susannah Margaret (I547262980)

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