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Reading, Berks Co., PA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BINGAMAN, Elizabeth Hannah  20 Sep 1919Reading, Berks Co., PA I8853
2 BOAS, Lillian  12 Apr 1931Reading, Berks Co., PA I4429
3 BOAS, Mary Katherine  10 May 1871Reading, Berks Co., PA I15692
4 BOAS, Salome Viola  24 Feb 1873Reading, Berks Co., PA I15693
5 BOAS, William Elhanon  06 Oct 1869Reading, Berks Co., PA I15691
6 BRANDT, Jennie G.  27 Jul 1869Reading, Berks Co., PA I18513
7 CLEAVER, George Edward  31 Dec 1874Reading, Berks Co., PA I18422
8 CLEAVER, Hattie  8 Jul 1871Reading, Berks Co., PA I8773
9 CLEAVER, John Wesley  28 Dec 1852Reading, Berks Co., PA I547349924
10 ECKERT, George BROWN  13 Sep 1840Reading, Berks Co., PA I9641
11 ESTERLY, George Edwin Jr.  3 Oct 1904Reading, Berks Co., PA I18136
12 ESTERLY, Gladys Margaret  10 Jan 1913Reading, Berks Co., PA I18138
13 ESTERLY, Grace Marion  6 Oct 1908Reading, Berks Co., PA I18137
14 ESTERLY, Helen Mildred  19 Jan 1902Reading, Berks Co., PA I18135
15 FAIR, Mervin Franklin  21 Feb 1908Reading, Berks Co., PA I18146
16 FRICKER, Carrie M.  30 Aug 1884Reading, Berks Co., PA I547341641
17 HIESTER, Florence  1 Apr 1898Reading, Berks Co., PA I4749
18 HIESTER, George F. Baer  07 Mar 1909Reading, Berks Co., PA I5300
19 HIESTER, John SYLVANUS  28 Jul 1774Reading, Berks Co., PA I8612
20 HIESTER, Wellington Miller  27 Apr 1853Reading, Berks Co., PA I4872
21 MORROW, Harry W.  19 Aug 1900Reading, Berks Co., PA I18360
22 NICOLLS, Anne Hall  25 Feb 1909Reading, Berks Co., PA I5301
23 RAAB, Florence Elizabeth  10 Jul 1903Reading, Berks Co., PA I18143
24 TYSON, Ella Matilda  25 Nov 1854Reading, Berks Co., PA I18420
25 WEIHER, Jacob  31 Mar 1900Reading, Berks Co., PA I547341647
26 WEIHRER, Andrew B.  3 Jun 1856Reading, Berks Co., PA I10078
27 WEIHRER, Edward Eck  22 May 1891Reading, Berks Co., PA I547340856
28 WEIHRER, Paul A.  10 Dec 1909Reading, Berks Co., PA I18288


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BAKER, Esther F.  Mar 1852Reading, Berks Co., PA I8394
2 BENNETHUM, Lydia  Feb 1984Reading, Berks Co., PA I547337668
3 BOAS, Franklin Freeman  4 Oct 1947Reading, Berks Co., PA I8775
4 BOAS, Henry C.  21 Jan 1878Reading, Berks Co., PA I10958
5 BOAS, Kenneth W.  17 Nov 1994Reading, Berks Co., PA I10222
6 BOAS, WIlliam  28 Nov 1814Reading, Berks Co., PA I547346250
7 BOAS, William Elhanon  21 Jan 1891Reading, Berks Co., PA I15691
8 BRANDT, Samuel M.  21 Dec 1931Reading, Berks Co., PA I18514
9 BRANT, Elizabeth R  7 Sep 1892Reading, Berks Co., PA I10970
10 BRATTON, Elizabeth Boyd  15 Mar 1981Reading, Berks Co., PA I11811
11 CLEAVER, Alice May  6 Dec 1919Reading, Berks Co., PA I18425
12 CLEAVER, Charles Raymond  1962Reading, Berks Co., PA I18421
13 CLEAVER, Florence Ella  27 Jun 1980Reading, Berks Co., PA I18427
14 CLEAVER, George Edward  19 Nov 1964Reading, Berks Co., PA I18422
15 CLEAVER, George K.  23 Apr 1897Reading, Berks Co., PA I11105
16 CLEAVER, Helen Guthrie  18 Sep 1950Reading, Berks Co., PA I11702
17 CLEAVER, Israel  10 Apr 1926Reading, Berks Co., PA I9884
18 CLEAVER, John Wesley  2 Jun 1934Reading, Berks Co., PA I547349924
19 ECKERT, George BROWN  5 Jul 1899Reading, Berks Co., PA I9641
20 ESTERLY, George Edwin Jr.  11 May 1974Reading, Berks Co., PA I18136
21 FRICKER, Carrie M.  16 Oct 1957Reading, Berks Co., PA I547341641
22 GALLAGHER, Mayme  25 Dec 1918Reading, Berks Co., PA I18386
23 GEIST, Elizabeth L.  30 May 1852Reading, Berks Co., PA I18544
24 HIESTER, Beatrice Viola  2 Nov 1994Reading, Berks Co., PA I18130
25 HIESTER, Benneville  2 May 1894Reading, Berks Co., PA I4896
26 HIESTER, Daniel  7 Jun 1795Reading, Berks Co., PA I8366
27 HIESTER, Elsie Ella  27 Dec 1967Reading, Berks Co., PA I1631
28 HIESTER, Paul David  23 Dec 1996Reading, Berks Co., PA I4699
29 HIESTER, William Muhlenberg  18 Mar 1990Reading, Berks Co., PA I15699
30 HUNT, Patricia Campbell  07 Jul 1991Reading, Berks Co., PA I6384
31 KAUFFMAN, Elizabeth E.  11 Jan 2002Reading, Berks Co., PA I18366
32 LISS, Joseph F.  30 May 1993Reading, Berks Co., PA I15694
33 MILLER, Aaron T.  10 May 1924Reading, Berks Co., PA I19559
34 MOORE, Lorena  30 Sep 1923Reading, Berks Co., PA I547337019
35 NEIFERT, Christianna  19 Jun 1893Reading, Berks Co., PA I11117
36 NICOLLS, Anne Hall  7 Feb 1949Reading, Berks Co., PA I5301
37 NICOLLS, GUSTAVUS ANTHONY  18 May 1886Reading, Berks Co., PA I9420
38 PALMER, Leighton S.  2 Aug 1983Reading, Berks Co., PA I18147
39 PENNOCK, Charles W.  26 Apr 1905Reading, Berks Co., PA I18253
40 REYNOLDS, Mary  15 Jun 1989Reading, Berks Co., PA I8829
41 SMEDLEY, Ruth Davis  21 Feb 1960Reading, Berks Co., PA I547341610
42 SPRINGER, Mary Jo  2 Sep 1963Reading, Berks Co., PA I25478
43 STUBBS, Ambrose Herbert MD  Reading, Berks Co., PA I259
44 STUBBS, Clarence Theodore  22 Sep 1901Reading, Berks Co., PA I263
45 TYSON, Ella Matilda  26 Oct 1929Reading, Berks Co., PA I18420
46 WEIHER, Enoch Ignatius  26 Jul 1941Reading, Berks Co., PA I16692
47 WEIHER, Jacob  15 Sep 1962Reading, Berks Co., PA I547341647
48 WEIHRER, Andrew B.  30 Aug 1945Reading, Berks Co., PA I10078
49 WEIHRER, Paul A.  16 May 1924Reading, Berks Co., PA I18288
50 WEIHRER, Rosa  2 May 1943Reading, Berks Co., PA I16694

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 SPAYD, John  Reading, Berks Co., PA I8180
2 WITMAN, Elizabeth  Reading, Berks Co., PA I9124


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 BOAS, Franklin Freeman  1880Reading, Berks Co., PA I8775
2 BOAS, Henry C.  1870Reading, Berks Co., PA I10958


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Legal    Person ID 
1 HIESTER, Alexander Jacob  Jun 1915Reading, Berks Co., PA I16580


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Medical    Person ID 
1 HAMPELE, Kate E.  1 Aug 1888Reading, Berks Co., PA I547337525
2 HIESTER, Alexander Jacob  Jul 1915Reading, Berks Co., PA I16580


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 BOAS, Franklin Freeman  1892Reading, Berks Co., PA I8775


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 WEIHRER, Edward Eck  17 Nov 1930Reading, Berks Co., PA I547340856


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BRANDT / GOODMAN  25 Jun 1915Reading, Berks Co., PA F6014
2 FAUST / HELLER  20 Sep 1879Reading, Berks Co., PA F518391331
3 HIESTER / SHUGER  8 Jan 1899Reading, Berks Co., PA F5185
4 PAWLING / WEIHER  10 Apr 1920Reading, Berks Co., PA F5675
5 RATHBUN / PACKER  9 Nov 1858Reading, Berks Co., PA F1919
6 REBER / ARBEGAST  1757Reading, Berks Co., PA F3029
8 WEIHER / GALLAGHER  9 Apr 1910Reading, Berks Co., PA F5657
9 WEIHER / KOLLER  Sep 1922Reading, Berks Co., PA F5638
10 YODER / BINGAMAN  11 Dec 1920Reading, Berks Co., PA F518391256


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 HIESTER / SHUGER  1905Reading, Berks Co., PA F5185