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Will of John B. Bratton

Will of John B. Bratton

I, John B. Bratton, of Carlisle, Pa., do make this my last Will and Testament, hereby revoking and making void all former wills by me at any time heretofore made, viz;

Item - I will and direct that an annuity of thirty-two dollars ($32.00) in equal quarterly payments be paid to Edmund E. Bratton during his natural life, such annuity, however, not to be a charge against any real estate that I may own - the quarterly payments (of eight dollars each) to be paid in the months of January, April, July and October of each and every year. At his (Edmund's) death these thirty-two dollars set aside for his benefit shall revert to my three children Mary R., John B., and Georgia B. Bratton, their heirs or assigns. By making this bequest to Edmund I feel satisfied he will be receiving more than his portion of my small estate, for he has cost me, since he became of age, at least two thousand dollars, to say nothing of the bitter anguish, disgrace and trouble he has caused me. But forhim I suppose I wold still be in business at this writing, but no man living can edit a paper under a constant pressure of trouble. Should my executor decline to act for the said Edmund, or should he (my executor) die before Edmund then I direct that a trustee be appointed by the Court, who will see to it that this item of my will is carried out.

Item - I give and bequeath to my sister-in-law, Miss Kate Boyd, two hundred dollars ($200). This must not be considered a bequest, for I owe this sum and more to her for her long and laborious services in my family and for her kindness and constant goodness for me and mine. I charge my children, Mary, John and Georgia, to be ever mindful of and see to the comfort of their indulgent aunt and I devise and bequeath to my son John, my watch, seal ring, cuff buttons, and case of pistols if he wants them (the pistols).

Item - I devise and bequeath to my daughter, Mary, the work "The Art Journal", I also commit to her (Mary) the care and keeping of the file sof papers I have published, viz: - the "State Capitol Gazette', ($ vols) and the "American Volunteer", (32) And I enjoin upon her never to sell or give away any of these vols. I desire and direct that they be kept in the family and for the inspection  of members fo the family and transmitted from generation to generation. I want my posterity to see and read the thousands of articles I wrote for those thirty-six vols.

Item - I devise and bequeath to my daughter Georgia, the books Portrait Gallery of Eminent Men and Women (2 vols)

Item - All the rest of my small estate (after the above bequests have been attended), I give, bequeath and devise to my good, faithful and beloved wife Mary Ellen. By this I mean all my real and personal property of whatever kind, without hindrance or qualification. at my wife's death whatever is left of her estate should be ( and I do desire and will ) divided between our dear children, Mary, John and Georgia share and share alike. In dividing the Library, each one should take a third of the books, of the same value as near as possible. en passant, the building always called by me, the "Volunteer Building" south of the market house, is the only real estate I own at this writing. My executor can sell or rent it as he and my wife consider best. The property cost me over $9000. My own  judgement is that it would be well to sell it, providing anything near its value can be obtained.

Item - I have written this Will myself without suggestion or dictation from anyone. I think I have made it plain and I want it carried out as intended. any legatee attempting to contest this my will, is excluded from its benefits.

Lastly, I do hereby appoint Millard F. Thompson, Esq., of Carlisle, to be the executor of this my last Will and Testament.

In witness whereof I, the said, John B. Bratton, hereto sign my name thsi fifth day of August A.D. 1890

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